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We have two offices, with colleagues working in either Marlow or central London. This gives us space to work on a wider range of client campaigns, but we still meet regularly and think of ourselves as one team.

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To learn more about LEC and discuss what we could do for you, please contact:

Liston Exchange, Cromwell Gardens, Marlow SL7 1BG

+44 (0) 1628 481 112  •  Directions »

Kim Hughes
Kim Hughes

Managing Director / Creative Director


+44 (0) 7880 736 831

Marie Little
Marie Little

Managing Director


+44 (0) 7795 297 405

4th Floor Holborn Gate, 26 Southampton Buildings, London WC2A 1AH

+44 (0) 20 7861 2550  •  Directions »

Claire Nysia Gill
Claire Nysia Gill

Managing Director


+44 (0)7718 117 725

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LEC is an OPEN Health; a world-class healthcare communications and market access group, made up of specialist, best-in-class businesses that are each experts in their respective fields.


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