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We love to launch

We’ve had the pleasure of launching over 17 brands in the last 6 years.

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From ultra orphan wonder-drugs to full-on global blockbusters, many of our clients have appointed us as launch partners on several occasions.

Key launch learnings

All this experience has helped us learn a thing or two about what makes a successful launch…

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Start with insight and a single-minded strategy
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Launch success predicts long-term success
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No two launches are the same
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Ensure internal buy in
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Continually learn and adapt

If you're planning a launch...

We’d love to partner you from molecule to market. Get in touch for a showcase of our work or to arrange to see our credentials presentation.

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LEC is part of OPEN Health; a world-class healthcare communications and market access group, made up of specialist, best-in-class businesses that are each experts in their respective fields.


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