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Our four guiding principles help us push the boundaries of possibility, both internally and for our clients.

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Be inquisitive

We’re an inquisitive bunch. We’re not afraid to dig deep and ask big questions (or little ones, for that matter). We also listen more than we talk, so don’t risk missing the one key insight that could change everything.

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Embrace challenge

We love a good challenge. And we don’t just mean a difficult task. We challenge our clients and we challenge each other. Each of us knows that debate can deliver brilliance. We voice our opinions and we’re always receptive to opposing views.

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Seek adventure

Just because we have a map doesn’t mean we stick to it. Our processes guide us, but never bind. By straying off the path, we’ve discovered some pretty amazing places. And we can’t wait to see where we’ll end up next.

Circle icon representing sweating the Small Stuff

Sweat the small stuff

If it’s true that the devil is in the detail, then you can bet he’ll make it his business to undo even the best-laid plans. Fortunately, our science, marketing and creative teams have the stamina and diligence to remain thorough at every stage of every project.

See it come together

All of these points are important, but it’s when they all come together that they make a real difference.

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LEC is an OPEN Health; a world-class healthcare communications and market access group, made up of specialist, best-in-class businesses that are each experts in their respective fields.


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